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Register a Company for Free with an Instant Bank Account. Get done in minutes.

How can your registration be free?

Banks pay us a commission when they open your company’s account. You get your company registration refunded. That is our way of saying thank you for using our services.

Worried about all the bibs and bobs involved in running a company?

Don’t worry. We have great explainers. Just click on the Orange text.

A checklist for starting a company
Help starting a business

Limited vs. Ltd.
A company bank account
Sole trader vs. a company?
Business insurance
Incorporation Certificate
Top 5 reasons to start a company
Running a company


What do you get when you register a company?

You get a digital Certificate of Incorporation and Model Articles of Association. The Certificate of Incorporation has a unique company registration number. Service providers and customers may ask you for a copy. Model Articles of Association are basic company rules. Companies House created model articles to make life easier for small businesses. To read more, just click on the orange text.

How do I open a company bank account?

You can get an instant bank account when using our web app to register a company. No need to wait or make appointments. Our partners ANNA Money, Cashplus Bank and Wise are UK-regulated financial institutions.

Of course, you may also wait for your company to register and then apply for a bank account. Check out our handy Bank Account Guide.

How about business insurance?

Business insurance offers protection when something bad happens to your business. Check out our handy business insurance guide to get you going.

Superscript, our business insurance partner, can sort you out in a few minutes for as little as £5 per month. They are highly rated on Trustpilot – 4.7 stars.

If you are looking for income protection or health insurance, check out Anorak. They are specialists in both.

Can you help me with my business website?

The easiest way to set up your website is Wix. You get a website out of the box in minutes.

If you want to set up an online shop, you can start selling in minutes with Wix.

There are other options in the market, but if you are not a technical genius, then this is the easiest way to get going.

Do I need a separate business phone?

Yes, it is a good idea to have a separate business phone. You can get a separate business phone in two ways.

First, you can subscribe to a virtual phone service. It is a simple app that comes with a UK phone number and rings on your normal phone. We like Circleloop. It is super affordable and easy to get going.

If you like a good old-fashioned phone, then we like EE Business Mobile and Data. They are one of the largest UK phone companies and tend to have great deals.

What about marketing?

Marketing is really important for your business. We would suggest finding an affordable freelancer on Fiverr.

If you prefer DIY, then Hubspot is your tool. It is one of the most popular digital marketing and customer relationship services in the world.

I’m not a UK resident – can you help me?

If you are not a resident, we recommend that you first get a bank account sorted for yourself or your business.

We like Wise. Why? Wise can set up an account in minutes and you also get a great foreign exchange service. You can receive and send money in pounds, dollars, euros or any other currencies. It is a regulated UK financial service company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Can you help me sort out my taxes?

The short answer is we can’t, but we know the people who can. We always recommend that you get a good accountant.

If you are a DIY type of person, we like GoSimpleTax. These guys made small business tax form filling super simple.

How about legal docs, can you help me with contracts etc…?

We always recommend that you get a good lawyer to help you with contracts.

If you like DIY, may we suggest LawDepot? They have a bunch of free templates and are quite affordable. The company is one of the largest online legal document providers.

I’m starting a shop, and am very concerned with high energy prices.

We hear you. Many small and independent shops are struggling with higher costs.

We set up a site to find the lowest business electricity prices, The idea is simple, it compares business energy rates and finds the lowest ones.

What about all the other services I need?

Starting a business is a great journey. Along the way you will have up days, down days and hopefully a lot of fun.

Check out our curated marketplace for business services. We spent a lot of time looking for the best services out there. We do get a small comission if you use our links. Thank you in advance!

How do you guys make money?

Very simple. We got great deals for our users. Service providers pay us introducer fees if you use our links and sign up. We look for the best services out there, and try to not bother you with annoying marketing.

If you like our service, consider these ‘introducer fees’ as a tip for a job well done.

How can I trust your service?

We are authorised and regulated by HMRC and Companies House. Generally many users come to us through word of mouth. Our HMRC registration number is: XGML00000147536.

Do you have user reviews?

Sure. Check out our Trustpilot and Google Business reviews. One business owner even sent in a video review. He started a Greek restaurant during the pandemic and used our app to register a company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MachFast properly regulated and authorised?

Yes, MachFast’s company registration service is regulated by HMRC and authorised by Companies House. Only authorised businesses may register companies. Our HMRC authorisation number is: XGML00000147536.

Does MachFast register my company with Companies House?

Yes, MachFast registers your company with Companies House. Our web and mobile applications make the process super easy for you. Just answer a few questions and you are done in minutes.

Can I really register a company for free?

Yes! If you apply for a bank account, during your company registration process, we will refund your company registration fee once your bank account is opened. We may receive introducer fees from our banking partners.

What do I need to register a company?

You will have to have your personal information ready (such as Date of Birth) and company information (such as your business address). Please note that you have to be a UK resident and your company needs to have a UK based address.

Do I need a company bank account?

You do not need a company bank account to register a company. Once your company is registered, you may want to get a company bank account right away.

How long does it take to register a company?

Company registration takes 5 minutes when using our app. Companies House will then register your company within one business day (sometimes 2 business days).

Launch your company any time anywhere.

You are just one click away from registering your limited company.