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Why use Our Service?


Get your company registration fee refunded – when your company’s bank account is opened. This is our way to say thank you by sharing part of our introduction fees from banks. Get going in no time.


MachFast is unique. You get an instant bank account when your company is born. We are the only UK service that does this. You apply for the account during the registration process.


You will get a digital Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association when your company is registered. The Certificate is official registration evidence. Automatic HMRC registration.

Customer Reviews

Thank you to all of our users for giving us Five Star reviews Trustpilot, Google, iOS App Store and Google Play. We appreciate that you have a choice in starting your companies and greatly value your custom.

Konstantinos Tagkalos

Elysian Silk Company

“I can’t believe how amazing this app is! Set up my company under 5′ & was registered under 24 hours. The service is immaculate, fast response…quality customer service at its finest.”

Tim Farmer

Commentis Ltd.

“I have opened a few companies in my time and this was without doubt the easiest, quickest, simplest and most cost effective method I have ever used. Would definitely recommend.”

Paula Knights

BCS Serv Ltd.

“Absolutely incredibly fast and easy to complete. Brilliant innovation & also a personal call from the company owners made it a very person centered approach. Will definitely recommend.”

Get Done in Minutes

Find A Name

First, we will help you find a great company name. You pick the name, the app checks its availability.

Data Security

Create a pin code to keep your information secure. Get a secure SMS code – just like your bank.

Quick Chat

A few questions in a chat (just like texting). Agree T&Cs. Make sure to have your passport number.


Instantly get a bank account during the registration. You can also just register a company.

Anna Money Account

Are you thinking about starting a business? You will need a great business current account! With ANNA Money you get a business account and a debit card. They will also do your invoicing, track your expenses and sort your company taxes.

Customer Review Video

Dinos is one of our customers. He used MachFast to set up a Greek restaurant in the middle of a pandemic. Many of our customers started their companies during the pandemic. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you Dinos for sending us this video.

Business Start Guide

Thinking about launching a business? Download our free ultimate guide now. Our guide covers everything you need to know when first starting a business.

You can learn about one-page budgets, how to write a business plan, find money and researching your customers and competitors.

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We get it. Starting a business or registering a company is not easy. Our blogs guide you on how to set up, run and grow your business.

Easy Services

No messing around- get affordable, fast and efficient services. Whether launching a website or hiring freelancers or getting a phone, we are here for you. We did the research and partnered with the best services to get you going quickly.


Launch your business anytime, anywhere, any place. You can do it! The sky is the limit. Get going, get building, get creating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy answers to question that you may have about MachFast or registering companies.

How long does it take to register a company?

Company registration takes 5 minutes when using our app. Companies House will then register your company within one business day (sometimes 2 business days).

Do I need a company bank account?

You do not need a company bank account to register a company. Once your company is registered, you may want to get a company bank account right away.

What do I need to register a company?

You will have to have your personal information ready (such as Date of Birth) and company information (such as your business address). Please note that you have to be a UK resident and your company needs to have a UK based address.

Can I really register a company for free?

Yes! If you apply for a bank account, during your company registration process, we will refund your company registration fee once your bank account is opened. We may receive introducer fees from our banking partners.

Does MachFast register my company with Companies House?

Yes, MachFast registers your company with Companies House. Our web and mobile applications make the process super easy for you. Just answer a few questions and you are done in minutes.

Is MachFast properly regulated and authorised?

Yes, MachFast’s company registration service is regulated by HMRC and authorised by Companies House. Only authorised businesses may register companies. Our HMRC authorisation number is: XGML00000147536.