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We have great partners

We have great service partners. We are a Companies House approved formation agent. Cashplus provides our Business Current Account; GoDaddy our domain registrations; Hiscox our Cybersecurity insurance and Amazon Web Services our data centers. We are also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

How does it work?

How to Start Your Company

Download the MachFast App from the App Store or Google Play

Tell us what name you want, we will check Companies House and the domain name registrar

Let our easy conversational interface take you through the detail and explain technical terms

When you complete your company’s registration, you can click and apply for a Business Current Account

MachFast app checks if the name is available. We also check a few domains for you (you can register your domain with MachFast as well). In less than 10 minutes you should be done with your company formation!

*Small print: Subject to Companies House checks and relevant Cashplus Business Current Account terms and conditions. When the Business Current Account is opened, Cashplus will refund the 24-hour standard company formation fee.

Set up Your New Company in Minutes

Our team has worked hard to help you set up your company in minutes. Our goal is to eliminate the complex and make it simple. See our helpful blogs.

A simple guide to important things to think about – click here.

Are you transitioning from a sole trader to a limited company? – click here.


We hate obscure jargon and complex forms. MachFast is designed for those of us who hate complex, ambiguous forms. We boil everything down to a conversation. We translate jargon into English.


Getting a Business Current Account is incredibly important for your new business . Banks take weeks, if not months. The amount of forms that need to be filled out is incredible. (To let you in on a little secret, most of the information they collect is to help them market services that you don’t want!). With MachFast you get a Business Current Account in a few clicks.

Save Money

Your company formation is FREE, when you open a Business Current Account with our partners Cashplus. Your 24 hour company formation fee, or equivalent, is refunded AND you don’t pay a monthly fee for a year. This is just an amazing value.

Always on Your Side

We won’t sell your data and treat it the way we would expect our data to be treated. Tell us know if we can do something better. You can email us at: support[at]machfast[dot]com.

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