Register a company with an instant bank account for free.

Free Company Registration
Free HMRC Registration
Instant Bank Account: 1-Year No Monthly/Annual Fees.
1, 2, 3+ As many directors as you wish

HMRC Supervised & Companies House Authorised.

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Free Registration

We refund your company standard registration fee when your company’s bank account is opened. You get a free company registration with Companies House and HMRC.

Instant Bank Account

Your company will need a bank account. You get an instant company bank account with a few clicks, no annual or monthly fees for 12 months.

One or More Directors

You may have as many directors and shareholders as you wish. Some company registration services restrict how many directors you may have in your company.

Register a Limited Company in Minutes

1. Pick a Name

Pick a company name. Our web & mobile app helps you find the name that works. Our systems automatically check name availability with Companies House.

2. Shareholders & Directors

Shareholders are the people who own the company. Directors are the people who run the company. For most small businesses, you will be both a director & a shareholder.

3. Bank Account

Companies need bank accounts. Get an instant bank account with a few clicks. Get your business going from day one (subject to checks, T&Cs).

Your Limited Company

You get all your documents in a digital form. Your company name & registration information will be publicly available on the Companies House website. If you choose to open a bank account, your company will have a fully digital instant bank account.

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Incorporation Certificate

The certificate of incorporation is conclusive evidence that the requirements of the Companies Act 2006 as to registration have been complied with and that the company is duly registered under this Act.

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Articles of Association

All limited companies must have articles of association. “Model” articles of association are the standard default articles a company can use. The articles are a set of rules or ‘by-laws’ about managing a company.

Up  to 35 Hours of Burn Time

Bank Account

When using MachFast you may choose to open an instant company bank account with a few clicks (subject to Know Your Client checks). The bank account comes with no annual or monthly fees for 1 year.

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Five Star Reviews

We are grateful to many customers who started their companies using MachFast. Thank you for giving us five star reviews on Trustpilot, Google Reviews, iOS and Android app stores.

Konstantinos Tagkalos

“I can’t believe how amazing this app is! Set up my company under 5′ & was registered under 24 hours. The service is immaculate, fast response…quality customer service at its finest.” Elysian Silk Company

Tim Farmer

“I have opened a few companies in my time and this was without doubt the easiest, quickest, simplest and most cost effective method I have ever used. Would definitely recommend.” Comments Ltd.

Paula Knights

“Absolutely incredibly fast and easy to complete. Brilliant innovation & also a personal call from the company owners made it a very person centered approach. Will definitely recommend.” BCS Serv Ltd.

Free Business Start Guide

Thinking about launching a business? Download our free ultimate guide now. Our guide covers everything you need to know when first starting a business. Learn about different business types (such as sole traders and limited companies), how to create a budget, research your ideas and get financing.


Instantly Open a Bank Account

If you already have a company or you may be a sole trader, open a business bank account in a few minutes, with one of our partners. You will have no annual or monthly fees for the first year.

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Whether you want to launch an e-shop or a business site, SiteGround can get you going in no time. You will also benefit from special rates that MachFast has secured.

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When you are starting out you are short on time and money. One of the most effective solutions is to hire a freelancer. Fiverr is a great quick solution. Always interview your freelancers and check their references and portfolio. There are very many talented freelancers, but always do your homework.

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We partnered with LawDepot to help you with standard contract templates. We always recommend that you take proper legal advise, but it always helps to have the most basic and even more advanced legal documents templates at hand. We got a 10% discount for you!

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Why trust MachFast?

Our service is easy, secure and properly regulated. The law requires us to be properly regulated and authorised. We are HMRC supervised and Companies House authorised.

HMRC & Companies House Authorised

2-Factor Bank Grade Authentication Security

£1mn Hiscox data protection insurance.

Comparison with other company registration services

We appreciate that you may have different options when registering a company. We put together a brief comparison of different services that you may choose to register your limited company.

FinTech Start UpsFormation Agents
Free Company Registration
Instant Bank Account
with a regulated Bank – No Annual or Monthly Fees for 12 months
Multiple Directors & Shareholders
Don’t need to buy additional services
HMRC Supervision & Companies House Authorisation
Some formation services are not properly authorised
Web & Mobile Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

How long to register a company?

Company registration takes 5 minutes when using our app. Companies House will then register your company within one business day (sometimes 2 business days).

Do I need a company bank account?

You do not need a company bank account to register a company. Once your company is registered, you may want to get a company bank account right away.

What do I need to register a company?

You will have to have your personal information ready (such as Date of Birth) and company information (such as your business address). Please note that you have to be a UK resident and your company needs to have a UK based address.

Can I really register a company for free?

Yes! If you apply for a bank account, during your company registration process, we will refund your company registration fee once your bank account is opened. We may receive introducer fees from our banking partners.

Does MachFast register my company with Companies House?

Yes, MachFast registers your company with Companies House. Our web & mobile application makes the process super easy for you. Just answer a few questions and you are done in minutes.

Is MachFast properly regulated and authorised?

Yes, MachFast’s company registration service is regulated by HMRC and authorised by Companies House. Only authorised businesses may register companies. Our HMRC authorisation number is: XGML00000147536.

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