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We are HMRC approved. Our registration number is: XGML00000147536.

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Current account partners refund formation fees for MachFast customers.

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We have great service providers who are best at what they do
Companies House

Companies House will register your company after checking all the information.

Amazon Activate

We are proud members of Amazon Activate. Amazon Web Services run all of our infrastructure technology.

Hiscox Protection

We are serious about Data Security and Protection. Hiscox provides our £1 mn data protection insurance.


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Starting a business is fun, tough, & exhilirating. Our blogs focus on making life easier for new businesses.
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IR 35 and limited companies
IR35 is tax legislation targeting ‘disguised employees’. A disguised employee is someone who operates as a permanent employee for a client but works through their own limited company to reap the tax benefits. As…
Data Protection
Cybersecurity is a hot topic. This is a brief blog on how we view CyberSecurity and Data Protection. Many small businesses are facing CyberSecurity challenges. At MachFast we take cybersecurity very seriously. There is…
Email Security in 3 Easy Steps
Email security is a pain. We keep getting spammed and reading stories in the press about email accounts being compromised. The biggest free and paid email providers track our information and make money on…

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