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Free company formations

Start your company, get a current account, in minutes.

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We have great partners

Cashplus provides our Business Current Account, GoDaddy our domain registrations, Hiscox our Cybersecurity insurance and Amazon Web Services our data centres.

Watch our video to see how easy MachFast is.

Three easy steps

Set-up your company, get a current account, register your domain name.

1 Set up your company

Choose your company name, answer a few questions and you are done. To learn more about starting your own business click here.

2 Business account

Apply for your Business Current Account with a few clicks.

3 Domain registration

Register your domain.

Subject to Companies House checks and relevant Cashplus Business Current Account terms and conditions. When the Business Current Account is opened, Cashplus will refund the 24-hour formation cost and no monthly fee for a year.

MachFast reviews

The app is easy to understand; and the design is great with a lot of thoutght clearly put into it

Vanessa N., Office Administrator

It was very user friendly and intuitive to use. I like the messenger style set up process. It's something I haven't seen before in an app and so I like that all the information is in one place.

Nicole M., Starting a new business

It reminded me of a bank app because on the security side it required to do a passcode to enter the app which really protects your private information.

Zaya J., Freelancer

The app is helpful, friendly and familiar.

Emily C., Freelancer

I am a sole trader and loved it. Super easy to register your own company; blogs, videos helpful.

Mark G., Painter, Sole Trader

Celebrating small businesses.

New UK companies started in 2018.

Employees of small businesses.

In small business revenue.

Data Security

We take data security seriously. You own your data! We will not sell your data. It is that simple.

Secure data

Amazon Web Services manages our servers and data storage where your data is stored. You can review their comprehensive security infrastructure and policies by clicking here.

Cyber Insurance

We are insured. We have a ₤1 million cyber security insurance policy from Hiscox– the UK’s leading cyber security insurance providers. You can read more here.

GDPR Policy

You can review our General Data Protection Regulations policy by clicking here.

ICO Registration

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). To visit the ICO’s site please click here.

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