Free Company Registration App

Our free app registers limited companies with Companies House, HMRC and opens current accounts. The app is quick and easy to use. Our current account partners refund your registration fee. We are Companies House and HMRC authorised.

★★★★★ iOS, Android, Google My Business

Easy company registration

When you are starting a business, registering a company is exciting, but who likes to fill out the forms? You answer a few questions in a friendly chat. You click a couple of buttons, and you are done in a few minutes. Please watch the video to see how the app works.

Our app reviews

We are grateful to all the businesses who used MachFast to register a company. Thank you! Below are a selection of reviews that you can read in the UK iOS, Android app stores and on Google My Business.


Elysian Silk Company Ltd., iOS

“I can’t believe how amazing this app is! Set up my company under 5′ and was already registered under 24 hours. The service is immaculate, fast response…quality customer service at its finest.”

tim farmer

Commentis Ltd, Android

“I have opened a few companies in my time and this was without doubt the easiest, quickest, simplest and most cost effective method I have ever used. Would definitely recommend.”


BCS Serv Ltd., Google My Business

“Absolutely incredibly fast and easy to complete. Brilliant innovation and also a personal call from the company owners made it a very person centered approach. Will definitely recommend.”

Easy start up guides

We want to make your business life easier. If we can save you time and money, that is fantastic. You may find our guides helpful as you think about registering a limited company.

Learn about current accounts and what your options are. If you are a sole trader or a freelancer, you may be thinking if a limited company is right for you.

You may be wondering what information you need to register a company. Please check out our company registration guide. You may want to know what Company Directors do, we have an explainer.

How to start a business

You may be an experienced entrepreneur or looking to start your first business. Starting a business is a fantastic idea, but where to begin?

We have put together a brief guide that may help you to get organised. The guide covers such topic as researching your market, putting together a business plan, managing money and generally getting organised.

MachFast Marketplace

When you are starting a business sorting out basic services is a major pain. Check out our marketplace to get sorted from website design to business energy.

we have great partners

We have great providers. Companies House will register your company (after checking the information, usually within 24 hours). We are proud members of Amazon Activate. Amazon Web Services manage our secure infrastructure. We are serious about Data Security and Protection. Hiscox provides our £1mn data protection insurance. We are HMRC and Companies House authorised. Our HMRC registration number is XGML00000147536.