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How to register a company in 5 minutes?

Starting a company is very exciting, but who likes to fill out complicated forms? We built our app to save you time and money. Answer a few basic questions, and you are done. The app works just like text messaging. We are here to help if you have any questions.

Company Name

What would you like to name your company? Our app will check to make sure that your company name is available.

Company Business

What business will your company be doing? Our app helps you to easily find the best business description for your company.

Directors, Shareholders

Who will own and run your company? For most small companies the owners (shareholders) will also be the directors.

Company Ownership

How many shares will each shareholder have? Don’t worry, our app automatically creates 100 shares for each shareholder. You can change it if you want.

Terms & Conditions

Agree Terms & Conditions – you are done! You now can instantly open a bank account in one go.

Instant Bank Account

Get a Free Bank Account from our banking partners with a few clicks. Our bank partners will refund your registration fee. This makes your registration free.

What do you get when you register a company?

Our app delivers all the documents in a digital form. Your instant bank account is also 100% digital.

Incorporation Certificate

A certificate of incorporation, in the UK, is the document verifying that your company has been legally registered. It contains the relevant identification numbers for your business to begin trading.

Articles of Association

The app automatically creates default Articles of Association. Companies House created default Articles to simplify life for small businesses. For most businesses default articles is all you need.

Instant Bank Account

Instantly open a bank account in our app, with a few clicks. Our bank partners will open an account as soon as your company is ready (subject to T&Cs). Our bank partners will refund your registration fee.

Great Customer Service

We are here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions please feel free to email us or to call us at 0333 050 8419. We are happy to be at your service.

Dinos tells his story.

Dinos used MachFast to register a company and start his Greek restaurant in the middle of the pandemic. Dinos was very kind to share his video review with us. Thank you Dinos! Please take a look.

Konstantinos Tagkalos

Elysian Silk Company Ltd., iOS

“I can’t believe how amazing this app is! Set up my company under 5′ & was registered under 24 hours. The service is immaculate, fast response…quality customer service at its finest.”

Tim Farmer

Commentis Ltd, Android

“I have opened a few companies in my time and this was without doubt the easiest, quickest, simplest and most cost effective method I have ever used. Would definitely recommend.”

Paula Knights

BCS Serv Ltd., Google My Business

“Absolutely incredibly fast and easy to complete. Brilliant innovation & also a personal call from the company owners made it a very person centered approach. Will definitely recommend.”

What to think about when registering a new company?

Here is a simple guide to help you learn about registering a company- before during and after the registration.

1. Before You Register a Company

Make sure you have all the basic information at hand to register your company.

What are you going to call your business?  Company names are funny things- someone may have taken your company name already. So be prepared with a few alternatives. Don’t worry, our company registration app helps you check for the names quickly. We will also check if a domain name is available with your company name.

Business Address
Where do you want to receive your company’s mail? (this is called the registered office address). Basically, once you start a company you need a registered office address where you can get post from the tax office, Companies House, your bank, customers etc…

You need to be able to receive the company’s post, particularly of an official kind, otherwise, you may be in trouble with the authorities…. Many small companies without an office choose their home address as their service address. You can always change your company’s official address.

Business Activity
What business will your company be doing? Our company registration app helps you find the best way to describe your business. You just need to click on the right sector that fits your company.

2. During: Basic information when you are registering a company

Each shareholder, director and Person with Significant Control needs to provide a service address where they can receive official mail from Companies House and HMRC.

Shareholders are people who own the company. When you are registering a company you need to have at least one shareholder.

Number of Shares
You need to pick the number of shares that you will own in your company (and other shareholders if you have more than one). Our company registration app starts you with 100 ordinary shares per shareholder. You can change this number if you want. For most small companies 100 shares per shareholder is a good starting point. Of course if you have many people who will own the company you may want to adjust the number of shares you give to each person.

Directors are people who are responsible for running the company day-to-day. A limited company must have at least one director. For most small companies a shareholder is also a director. That means you own and run your company. You may also add directors who are not shareholders.

Persons with Significant Control (‘PSC’)
A person with significant control is someone who can influence what your company does. For most small companies Directors and Shareholders are also considered Persons with Significant Control. Our app will automatically register all the company’s directors and shareholders as Persons with Significant Control. You can add more people if you wish.

Memorandum of Association
You have to agree to the Memorandum of Association – basically that you are happy to be a shareholder and director in your company (and other shareholders are happy if you have more than one). Our company registration app automatically creates one- so it is just a click of a button.

Articles of Association 
These are the basic rules that describe how you will run your company. Our app automatically creates for you standard Articles of Associations. These standard articles were created by Companies House so that small companies do not have to worry about writing their own.

Authentication Details
Finally, for security reasons, you will need to provide some authentication details (such as the last 3 digits of your mobile, first 3 letters of the town you were born in and 3 digits from your passport).

3. After you register your company

Typically, before our service, you had to wait for the company to form, then worry about opening your company’s bank account and registering your company with HMRC. Our service takes care of all these boring bits.

HMRC Registration
Our app will automatically register your company with HMRC once the company is registered. HMRC will send you a letter a few weeks after your company is registered.

Companies House Authentication Code
Once your company is registered Companies House will send you an Authentication Code. You can use this code in the future when you need to file your company’s accounts and information with Companies House. You can give this code to your accountant if you have one.

Once your company is registered, you will need to make sure to file your documents on time with Companies House and file well-prepared company tax returns with HMRC.

Getting a Bank Account
Usually you would need to wait to apply for a bank account after your company is registered. Our service is different. You can instantly apply for a bank account when you are registering your company using our app.

Our banking partners will open your account instantly and automatically when your company is registered. The bank will check your background information and may ask for additional ID verification or other documents. In most cases you will have an instant company bank account and a company in one go.

Why should you trust our company registration service?

You can trust our limited company registration service because our app is easy, secure, and properly regulated.

We want our users to save time and money, without sacrificing speed, security and quality of service. We started MachFast to simplify life for everybody in the UK who wants to own and run their own company.

We are the only officially regulated free app that registers companies and opens bank accounts in one go. Most services will make ‘paper’ introductions to banks, but you may have to wait weeks to open a bank account. Other services may require you to buy expensive packages to get a ‘free registration’. Our banking partners will refund your registration fee when your bank account is opened.

Our app instantly opens a bank account for your company with a proper UK bank (subject to the bank’s Terms & Conditions and security checks). Others may promise to open a current account, rather than a proper bank account with a properly regulated UK bank.

You may have as many shareholders and directors as you wish when registering a company using our app. Some services may restrict you to opening only a 1-person company. We know that many companies are started with business partners and want our users to have the greatest flexibility.

Regulated & Authorised

MachFast is regulated and authorised by Companies House and HMRC.

Data Protection & Insurance

Hiscox provides our £1mn data protection insurance.

Bank-Grade Security

Our Apps have bank-grade security, including 2-factor authentication.

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Frequently asked questions about company registrations

Below we answer many of the frequently asked questions that you may have when registering a company. You can visit our full FAQ page to learn more about opening new companies.

How long does it take to register a company?

Company registration takes 5 minutes when using our app. Companies House will then register your company within one business day (sometimes 2 business days).

Do I need a company bank account to register a company?

No, you do not need a company bank account to register a company. You will need a bank account to run your business. You can apply for a bank account with a few clicks in our app.

What information is required to register a company?

You will have to have your personal information ready (such as Date of Birth) and company information (such as your business address). Please note that you have to be a UK resident and your company needs to have a UK residential address.

Can I really register a company for free?

Yes, you can really register a company for free if you also open a Bank Account.

Does MachFast register my company directly with Companies House?

Yes, MachFast registers your company with Companies House.

Is MachFast’s company registration service authorised?

Yes, MachFast’s company registration service is authorised by HMRC and Companies House. Only authorised businesses may register companies. Our HMRC authorisation number is: XGML00000147536.