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Top 10 Ways to Generate a Business Name

The best way to generate a business name is to brainstorm different ideas with your friends, family, & colleagues.  Your business name is the foundation of your brand. The name can ‘say what it does on the tin’ or it can be abstract and empower you to nurture its meaning with design, slogans and iconography. Larger companies spend millions on branding. Assuming that you do not have such budgets and… ReadTop 10 Ways to Generate a Business Name


Sole Trader vs. Limited Company: Top 10 Considerations

Sole Trader vs. Limited Company is an important consideration for many individuals. The biggest difference in a Sole Trader vs. a Limited Company comparison comes from a business perspective. A limited company limits the liability of directors and shareholders and empowers your business to grow, hire employees in the future, find finance and borrow money (more easily, once you have revenue). As you make the decision to form a limited… ReadSole Trader vs. Limited Company: Top 10 Considerations

Company Formation

How to form a new company?

‘How to set up a company?’ does not need to be a complicated question. Forming a company with MachFast is easy. Usually, starting a company is a big pain – you need it but really don’t want the hassle. We agree. So here is a simple guide to starting a company  – before, during and after. We always recommend that you speak to your accountant or lawyer if you want professional advice. Before… ReadHow to form a new company?

Persons With Significant Control

Who is a Person With Significant Control?

A Person With Significant Control is an individual who has influence over the company. A Person With Significant Control may or may not own many shares in the company, they may or may not be directors. In basic terms if an individual can alter what the company does, how the company does it and when the company does something, then that individual is a Person with Significant Control. The UK… ReadWho is a Person With Significant Control?

Difference between limited and ltd

What is the difference between Limited and Ltd?

There is no difference between Limited and Ltd. in a company’s name. Both company endings mean that a company is limited by shares. For example you can call your company The Best Company in the World Ltd. or The Best Company in the World Limited. Limited companies have a number of benefits. You can read our blog on potential benefits of a limited company. What is a company limited by… ReadWhat is the difference between Limited and Ltd?

shareholders' agreement

What is a shareholders’ agreement?

A shareholders’ agreement is a contract between a company’s shareholders that outlines shareholders’ rights and obligations. A shareholders’ agreement is a very useful document, particularly for newly formed companies. Friends, business partners & family members often embark on a business venture together. Professional, personal and family relationships are powerful positive forces that bring people together in a business venture. When a new company is formed, the founding shareholders are typically… ReadWhat is a shareholders’ agreement?


What are share certificates?

Share certificates are formal certificates that a company must issue to a shareholder to certify that the shareholder in question is the registered owner of the shares in the company on the date of the issue. A company must issue formal share certificates within 2 months of issuing new shares. Please remember to issue share certificates when you form a new company. As always, we strongly advise that your company… ReadWhat are share certificates?

Articles of Assciation

What are Articles of Association?

Articles of Association are rules and procedures that define how your company will be run and operated. Every UK private limited company must have Articles of Association. Companies Act 2006 makes this a legal requirement. The company must also have a Memorandum of Association. Together, the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association form the company’s constitution. In simple terms, the Articles of Association include the rules according to… ReadWhat are Articles of Association?

Whis is a company director?

Who is a company director?

A company director is responsible for the day to day running of the company. Director duties have a wide range depending on the size of the company. For small and micro-companies, directors tend to be actively involved in all the daily activities and operations of the business. For example in a one or two shareholder company directors are most likely running the business. A larger company is likely to have… ReadWho is a company director?

Top 5 Benefits of a Limited Company

What are the top 5 limited company benefits?

The top 5 limited company benefits are: (1) Limited Liability Protection; (2) Ownership structure; (3) Separate legal status; (4) Business credibility; (5) Branding & intellectual property. A limited company has many benefits associated with running a business. A limited company is a separate legal entity that can have its own name, bank accounts, VAT registration number, and most importantly its liabilities are limited by the share capital. Limited companies are… ReadWhat are the top 5 limited company benefits?