Starting a Company

Freelance vs limited company

Freelance vs. company

Making a move from a self-employed freelancer to a limited company is regarded by many in business as a rite of passage. Nothing much will change in your day-to-day schedule, but the way you are taxed will change because your business will be its own entity – a company. As a Director of that company, you will also have new responsibilities. This is a new challenge, but one you should… ReadFreelance vs. company

forming a company

Forming a company

Setting up a business is exciting, but there’s work to do. In this guide, we cover the first steps to get you started out right. You’ll be eager to get out there and start selling. You might already be doing a bit of business. We get it but hold your horses. You need to form your company before taking it any further. This is necessary to trade legally. Company formation… ReadForming a company

Starting your company

Starting your company

Starting a business is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. It’s about more than bricks and mortar and sales and profits. It’s about living the dream; about making something and making your mark. That’s the spirit of entrepreneurship – the essence of why people get into business in the first place. Then reality hits. You’ve actually got a few things to do before you start changing the… ReadStarting your company

The Machfast App

MachFast Apps

What do MachFast applications do? MachFast’s applications make it easy for entrepreneurs to start companies in the United Kingdom, get a business current account and a domain name in less than 10 minutes. You can form a limited company for as many shareholders and directors as you wish. What information is needed to form a UK Limited Company? MachFast makes company formation very easy. With our app, it should take you… ReadMachFast Apps

Company Formation

Company Formation

We like to keep life simple at MachFast. Starting a company is a big pain – you need it but really don’t what the hassle. We agree. So here is a simple guide to starting a company for a one shareholder limited company – before, during and after. We always recommend that you speak to your accountant or lawyer if you want professional to advise… Before Bad news; sobriety is… ReadCompany Formation