Machfast Application Press Release

Machfast launches the UK’s first free HMRC registered company formation and current account mobile application Easy company formation with a business current account in minutes MachFast solves two fundamental business challenges – form a company and open a business current account in minutes on your phone, without the hassle of lengthy registrations and filling out forms.  MachFast takes advantage of Open Banking innovations to deliver a fast company formation service… ReadMachfast Application Press Release

What are the tax implications of closing your limited company?

It seemed like yesterday when you were looking for limited company formation packages. Now you are thinking of closing your limited company. There are many reasons you might to close your limited company. It could be because you’re going to retire or going back into full employment. It could even be because you want to go back to being a sole trader. So if you’ve been having thoughts like, “how… ReadWhat are the tax implications of closing your limited company?

Who is Cashplus and what is the Cashplus Business Current Account?

Opening a new business current account shouldn’t be a hassle. Cashplus makes it easier, with an instant online decision and instant account details (so long as your company checks out) so you can start trading right away.  You can open your Cashplus Business Current Account at the same time you form your limited company with Machfast. There’s no complicated paperwork to sift through, and you will be ready to start… ReadWho is Cashplus and what is the Cashplus Business Current Account?

7 Simple Steps to Set Up a Business

If you have always been thinking about starting a business, now is a better time than ever. You can find that company incorporation in the UK is easy, and you’ll be able to set up your business cheaply and quickly. You don’t have to go through a lot of tedious processes and instead you can begin with your company comfortably. So, if you know what line of business you would… Read7 Simple Steps to Set Up a Business

start a business self-employed

How to Start a Business and Become Self-employed

Many people have often dreamed of starting a business, but they also find it daunting. There’s the long working hours, irregular income, or even having to do their own accounting. It might seem too much. But becoming self-employed has its advantages. You’ll be working for something that you are passionate about. You can have control over your work hours and your income. You will have time for your family and… ReadHow to Start a Business and Become Self-employed

how to be a mumtrepreneur

How to become a Mumtrepreneur?

Between wrestling with mummy duties and finding yourself mind-numbingly bored on maternity leave, you’ll seek out new ways to stimulate yourself and keep busy. This has led to many a mum realising an excellent idea for a business. Whether you want to call it being a mumtrepreneur, mumpreneur, or more plainly an entrepreneur with young children, this has the potential to change your life forever. If you’re interested in becoming… ReadHow to become a Mumtrepreneur?

IR35 and limited companies

IR 35 and limited companies

IR35 is tax legislation targeting ‘disguised employees’. A disguised employee is someone who operates as a permanent employee for a client but works through their own limited company to reap the tax benefits. As a contractor, you will be either ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ IR35. Outside means, you are operating as a legitimate business, and therefore outside of IR35 rules. If you are ‘inside’ IR35, this means you are considered, for… ReadIR 35 and limited companies

data protection

Data Protection

Cybersecurity is a hot topic. This is a brief blog on how we view CyberSecurity and Data Protection. Many small businesses are facing CyberSecurity challenges. At MachFast we take cybersecurity very seriously. There is no perfect system, but we focused on a number of areas where we believe prudent steps can go a long way. Our philosophy is that our users own their data. We do not market the data… ReadData Protection

email security

Email Security in 3 Easy Steps

Email security is a pain. We keep getting spammed and reading stories in the press about email accounts being compromised. The biggest free and paid email providers track our information and make money on the data that flows through our inboxes. When we want to send confidential emails, we have to figure out a way to password protect PDF or Word documents. Then we have to worry about phishing and… ReadEmail Security in 3 Easy Steps