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How To Change Your Registered Office Address

    Every limited company must maintain a registered office address based in the same jurisdiction that the company was registered. You can change your registered office address at any time but the new address must be within the same jurisdiction. 

    If you wish to change your registered office address you have two options:

    1. You can change it online
    2. Change it via post

    We’ll detail how you can do this below.

    Change your registered office address online

    To do this online you just need to sign in to Companies House WebFiling and you can submit the change of address online. Most of the time the change will be accepted on the same working day. 

    Change your registered office address by post

    If you don’t have access to WebFiling you can still change the registered address of your private limited company directly with Companies House via post. 

    To change the registered office address you will need to complete Companies House form AD01. In order to fill in the AD01 form you will need to provide the following information:

    • Company Number
    • Company Name
    • Amended Registered Office Address
    • A signature of a director authorising the amendment

    Unlike other forms, there is no cost to file form AD01. If you wish to change your registered address by post can get the AD01 form using this link.

    Postal applications are typically accepted and processed within 5 working days.

    A Quick note on other types of limited companies

    Limited Liability Partnerships

    For Limited Liability Partnerships, the process to change address is pretty much the same. However, you’ll need to fill in an LLPAD01 form instead. Again this can be done online or via post.

    Limited Partnerships

    For Limited Partnerships, the process is slightly different. Unfortunately, at present, there isn’t an online WebFiling option available. All changes will need to be submitted via post. You’ll need to fill out and send an LP6 form to companies house.

    Legal Requirement

    Remember it is a legal requirement for a UK-based company to have a registered office address. You also need to ensure that Companies House is kept up to date with any changes of address that happen if your company moves premises. 

    Your registered address is extremely important as this is where HMRC and Companies House will send all your official correspondence. So you can see why you need to ensure it’s the correct address. 

    It’s also important to remember that your registered address will be publicly available and has to be displayed on any company paperwork and website. The address must also be a real physical location, using a PO box is not permitted.

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