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What Is A Confirmation Statement & How To File Yours

    Confirmation Statements replaced the Companies House Annual Return back in June 2016. All companies are required to submit a confirmation statement each year to Companies House.

    How can you file a confirmation statement?

    You can submit your confirmation statement online or via post. If you wish to do it online please visit the Companies House website. If you wish to do this via post please download and complete a CS1 form and send this to companies house.

    Why Submit A Confirmation Statement?

    All companies, including dormant and non-trading companies, must file a confirmation statement. There is no specific date in the year when a Confirmation Statement must be filed, but no more than 12 months can pass between filings. 

    The purpose of the Confirmation Statement is to make sure that the information held by Companies House is accurate and up to date. 

    If any company information has changed since the last filing, certain amendments can be made using the form CS01.

    Including changes to:

    • SIC Industry classification codes
    • Statement of capital
    • Shareholdings including trading of shares and shareholder information
    • Exemption to keeping a Persons of Significant Control (PSCs) register
    • Any other changes may need to be made through separate forms.

    Please Note: even if no changes have been made to your company, you still need to file a Confirmation Statement. Failure to do so can lead to personal liability for the director(s), fines, prosecutions and even the company being struck off the register.

    How to file a confirmation statement form

    Submit it online

    Companies House recommend completing your confirmation statement online as it is the easiest and quickest way to send them the information.

    If you do need to make any changes to your company’s information it’s easy enough to do. Just use the ‘additional information’ section of the online form. 

    You can use it to update your:

    • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code
    • statement of capital
    • trading status of shares
    • exemption from keeping a register of people with significant control
    • shareholder information

    By Post

    If you wish to file your confirmation statement by post you will need to download a CS1 form and send this to companies house.

    Confirmation statement fee

    There is a charge to file your confirmation statement, the cost will depend on how you submit it.

    Doing so only will cost you £13 to file one in any 12 month period. You don’t need to pay again if you wish to file another statement within that time frame.

    If you wish to do so via post, filing a paper form will cost you £40.  

    When to submit your confirmation statement

    As we mentioned earlier in the article Companies House do not set a specific date for confirmation statements to be submitted. You just need to ensure you submit your confirmation statement at least once a year during your review period.

    If you have just registered a new company, your review period will begin at the date of incorporation and end 12 months later. 

    So let’s say your company was incorporated on 1 January 2021, your review period would then end on 31 December 2021. So make sure you file your statement within this time period.

    For existing companies, your review period will start the day after you filed your last confirmation statement and will end 12 months after that.

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