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What is a Directors Service Address?

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A Directors Service Address is an official correspondence address that directors are legally obligated to have.

An address can be located anywhere in the world, and does not need to be tied to the location of the business. A director can use either a non-residential or residential address, as well as the company’s registered office. 

Perhaps crucially, directors are not expected to reside at their service address, or are obligated to visit them. The address’s entire purpose is simply to provide an accessible place to receive official mail from HMRC and Companies House. 

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There are things to take into account when choosing a directors service address, however. Because a service address is placed on public record with Companies House, many directors choose to avoid using their residential address and will often favour a virtual address instead. This is to protect their privacy and safety. 

Below we’ve listed some additional considerations to take into account when choosing a directors service address.

What is the difference between a registered office address and a service address?

A registered office address relates to the official address held by a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or a limited company. A registered office address is where official correspondence can be sent to the company – not specifically to the director. Examples of mail sent to a registered office could include legal notices. A registered office address must also be registered in the same country where the limited company or LLP is working.

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A service address meanwhile is required by each limited company director, and it receives official mail personal to the director.  The mail could be official correspondence from both HMRC and Companies House. Unlike a registered office address, a service address can be registered anywhere across the world, and does not need to be registered in the same country as the company.

Can you use a residential address as a service address?

Currently there are no legal limitations that prevent the use of a residential address being used as a directors service address. However, directors choosing this route should be mindful that their residential address will be made available in the public domain.

If the business falls into disrepute with financial representatives, or there is an aggrieved client or supplier, a director could potentially risk both their privacy and security by their address being available to the general public so it is advisable to use an alternate address.

Can a company’s registered address be used as a service address?

As outlined above, a company’s registered office address and a service address differentiate from one another and therefore should remain separate.

Directors can use a similar address, i.e, if the company’s registered office is a virtual office, a director could also take out a virtual address that contains some of the same identifiers as the registered office. Provided the address fulfils the legal requirements of a service address, it will be accepted.

How do I change my Directors Service Address?

A directors service address can be changed at any time, but Companies House must be notified immediately using either a CH02 form for a corporate director, or a CH01 form for a natural director. 

Once the forms are completed and approved, the new service address will be registered on Companies House and displayed across public records within 24 hours. 

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