Free & Fast Company Formation + Business Current Account*

Set up in <10 min.; current account 1 year free; 24hr formation fee refunded*


*Subject to Terms & Conditions & Relevant Know Your Client and Know Your Business Checks

Free Company Formation + a Business Current Account

MachFast is the UK’s first free, fast and easy company formation app. You also get a business current account free for one year.  Answer a few questions, click a few buttons and we take care of the rest. We are small business owners. Company formation and incorporation should be simple. Life is too short. Filling out forms is boring. We made company formation easy, painless and free. Plus we get your business current account applciation out of the way with a few clicks.

Free & Fast Company Formation – as easy as 1, 2, 3

Set up Your Company

Free & easy company formation. A few clicks and you are done.

(1) pick a name & business activity;

(2) create company shares;

(3) agree terms & conditions;

(4) pay (24 hr or same day service)

(5) apply for a business current account

Sit back, relax and wait for your company formation. We take care of the rest.

*Subject to Know Your Client and Know Your Business checks

Free Current Account

Get a business current account with a few clicks.

Opening business current accounts is a pain. MachFast is easy and painless. You just click a few buttons during company formation steps and you are done. Sit back, relax and enjoy life. MachFast takes care of the rest. Your business current account should be ready within minutes of company formation*.

Save Time and Money

We check for various domain names when you pick your company name.

We partnered with GoDaddy to help you register domains. GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain service provider. With a few clicks you can set up your website and your emails. 

We make domain and website set up super easy, fast and at excellent prices.

How to Start Your Company

Download the MachFast App from the App Store or Google Play

Tell us what name you want, we will check companies house and domain name register

Let our easy conversational interface take you through the detail AND explain weird names

Complete your company registration and click to apply for a Business Current Account

MachFast app checks if the name is available. We also check a few domains for you. In less than 10 minutes you should be done with your company formation!

Set up Your New Company in Minutes

We’ve spent thousands of working hours building this app so that you can set up your company in minutes. We focussed on the things which irritated us so that you could have a great experience.


Do you hate obscure jargon and complex forms? I, (Aidan), suffer from formophobia. MachFast is designed for me, so everything is boiled down to a conversation and horrible jargon translated into plain English.


Getting a Business Current Account is so important in starting your business. But, banks can take weeks, if not months… and there are more forms. Get a Business Current Account, by clicking a button? Job done!

Save Money

We’re already cheap, classy but cheap! But if you get a Business Current Account, your company formation fee is refunded AND you don’t pay a monthly fee for a year. This is simply an amazing value.

Always on Your Side

We set up our Apps in a way to works for us. If we can do something better if you need help with something if there is anything else we can do for you… Just let us know. We don’t give advice, but we want to give you a fabulous service.

Download, save time and money!