Starting a Business

Starting a business is a lot of fun and work. There are many challenges to overcome. Most entrepreneurs love doing what they do. The size of the business does not matter, but we always welcome a helping hand to get us going.

Our business start guides are written to be practical and to the point. From planning to setting up your online shop, we have you covered.

How To Set Up A Subsidiary Company

Setting up a subsidiary company isn’t a decision that business owners take lightly, but it can have significant advantages for an organisation.  As a subsidiary company operates separately from its parent company, a subsidiary company can benefit the organisation it belongs to in terms of taxation, regulations and financial liabilities. It can also be sued…

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A Quick Guide To Share Capital

When a limited company gets incorporated, which you can do for free at MachFast, it must assign a ‘nominal’ value to each share upon incorporation, i.e. £1 or £0.10. This nominal value represents the sum the shareholders must pay for each share they own, should the company go bankrupt – this is known as the…

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How to become a Mumtrepreneur?

Between wrestling with mummy duties and finding yourself mind-numbingly bored on maternity leave, you’ll seek out new ways to stimulate yourself and keep busy. This has led to many a mum realising an excellent idea for a business. Whether you want to call it being a mumtrepreneur, mumpreneur, or more plainly an entrepreneur with young…

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How to generate a business name

The best way to generate a business name is to brainstorm different ideas with your friends, family, & colleagues.  Your business name is the foundation of your brand. The name can ‘say what it does on the tin’ or it can be abstract and empower you to nurture its meaning with design, slogans and iconography.…

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