Company Registration

Forming a company can seem daunting and complicated. With the MachFast app, company formation is very easy and quick.

We put together easy guides on company registration. Please have a look.

What is a Shareholders’ Agreement?

A shareholders’ agreement is a contract between a company’s shareholders that outlines shareholders’ rights and obligations. A shareholders’ agreement is a very useful document, particularly for newly formed companies. Friends,…

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What are Share Certificates?

Share certificates are formal certificates that a company must issue to a shareholder to certify that the shareholder in question is the registered owner of the shares in the company…

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The Top 5 Limited Company Benefits

The top 5 limited company benefits are: (1) Limited Liability Protection; (2) Ownership structure; (3) Separate legal status; (4) Business credibility; (5) Branding & intellectual property. A limited company has…

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