Running A Company

After you register your company, you are ready to run and build your business.

There are two parts to running a company. First, of course, you want your business to grow. Second, you want to make sure that your company is running smoothly.

In this guide we focus on topics that relate to running your limited company.

Running a Company

Our ‘Running a Company Guide’ is split into two topics – basic and advanced. Our basic topics cover important subjects such as ‘VAT Registration’, ‘Filing your company’s accounts’ etc…

Our advanced topics are meant as an introduction to the more technical areas that you may encounter in due course as you build your business. We strongly recommend that you seek professional advice from accounting and legal practices when considering advanced company management topics. Even for the ‘basic’ questions we strongly encourage all of our readers and clients to get professional advice.

We hope you find the guides below a useful start. Many of these topics are not the most exciting in the world, but we thought it may be helpful for our readers and users to get a brief introduction.

Running a Company – Basic Questions Answered

Running a Company – Advanced Topics