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Our Story – a Message from the Founders

    Hi, we are Aidan & Michael – the founders of MachFast.

    We are small business owners. We are building MachFast to make our own lives simpler. We want to get stuff done quickly when we need specific business services. Our first win is an App that sets up a company in less than 10 minutes with a business current account and a domain name! Next mini-revolution will deliver the lowest utility prices for all small business in the UK! Stay tuned for more…

    About Aidan

    I hate forms. Why do I have to go through PDF forms; on-line applications; numbing & repetitive information input? Everybody wants similar information about my business. Every time I want to get a service I have to read through mind-bending research (PDFs; google, ‘marketing’ spiel). 

    Why is it hard to get practical help to get from A to B? That is why we are building MachFast so that with a few clicks I can get what I need when I need it – plus it is a lot of fun.

    About Michael

    I love technology & innovation, but massively dislike bureaucracy & cold-call marketing, useless data collection by service providers.

    Why do I need to pay crazy broker fees when buying utilities or insurance? In our company, we pay £70 every year in broker fees for a £320 public liability insurance? That is a 22% commission for a 10-minute phone call?

    We will massively reduce day-to-day costs by going after outrageous broker fees across different sectors. Our little energy revolution will save thousands of pounds for our users – how awesome is that?