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machfast marketplace marketing

Marketing Out-of-the Box Tools

Digital marketing is critical for any business. Whether you are selling to businesses or consumers your marketing presence starts on the internet. The tools and services below will help you understand and manage your digital marketing. Even if you are in a position to hire professionals to help you, these tools will inform your criteria for picking your digital marketing talent.

machfast marketplace marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Make sure that search engines love your website. Specifically in the UK, that means Google.

1) Correctly set up your website in Google Analytics and make sure your website scores 70-100 with Google Page Speed. Fast loading speeds are critical.

2) Write excellent content about your business. Google measures your website’s subject knowledge and relevance to those who search for your products.

3) Get mentioned by as many respectable websites as possible. Google calls these ‘backlinks’. Backlinks are signals that Google uses to rank your website.

machfast marketplace marketing

Semrush: SEO out-of-the-box

Semrush is a great tool that will monitor the quality of your website and give helpful improvement advise. For example, they will advise you if your Headlines need work, or your content needs to improve.

This tool is great for Do-It-Yourself and for professionals alike. There are other alternatives in the market, that are equally good. We will cover them in due course.

machfast marketplace marketing

Grammarly: It ain’t

Grammarly is an excellent tool to make sure that you write good quality copy for your marketing. Grammarly is super easy to use and integrates with all the web browsers and writing programs.

Grammarly has a limited free service that you can try out, but their subscription prices are eminently affordable.

machfast marketplace marketing

Wordstream: Online Advertising

Online advertising can be both highly rewarding, but also very expensive. You may spend a lot of money, but with limited results. That is where Wordstream comes in.

Wordstream will sort out your basic digital advertising on Google, Facebook and Bing (Microsoft’s search engine). They will help you structure and launch your advertising on-line. They have a Do-It-Yourself option which is fairly straight forward. If you want to get professional help, they have that as well.

machfast marketplace marketing

Google Ads: Search Advertising

Google dominates on-line search volumes. If you want to reach people who are searching for your product or service you bid on specific keywords (see the Wordstream video above). Search engine is a high intent activity. That means that people who are actively looking for a specific product or a service are likely close to a purchasing decision.

You can set up a free Google Ads account very quickly. The tricky bit is doing advertising that brings you paying clients. Most businesses employ specialist digital marketers to help them manage on-line marketing. However, we believe that learning the basics is beneficial to every business owner.

machfast marketplace marketing

Bing Ads: The other search engine

Bing is less well known than Google. Microsoft owns Bing. Many use Bing to find goods and services on the internet. Bing has a 4.8% market share of all UK searches.

Bing Ads work the same as Google Ads. You bid on keywords to show your Ads to people who are searching for your product or service. Generally, Bing Ads are often cheaper than Google Ads. This is because Google controls 93% of the UK search market.

machfast marketplace marketing

Facebook: The social network

We all have heard about Facebook. Love them or hate them, you can reach many potential customers using Facebook advertising. As a generalisation, social media advertising may be helpful in building your brand and engaging with potential customers. Social media activity is generally lower on ‘intent to buy something’ than Google or Bing search.

Generally, Facebook advertising is helpful to reach individual consumers, rather than businesses. For example if you are selling pottery, Facebook may have pottery communities and interest groups. If you are selling to businesses, then Facebook advertising may be great for research, but may not lead to sales. For business-to-business sales, LinkedIn and Google/Bing search engine advertising may be more effective.

machfast marketplace marketing

Clickcease: Fraud Detection

Sadly, digital advertising has attracted many fraudsters. Primarily, these fraudsters generate fake clicks that cost your business money. All advertising platforms claim that their algorithms prevent fraud. Yet fraud still happens.

We recommend that all businesses use fraud monitoring tools to make sure that their marketing spend is for authentic users. One such service is Clickcease. They track clicks and can even automate blocking fraudsters from repeatedly damaging your digital marketing.

machfast marketplace marketing

Google vs. Facebook

We are always on a lookout for easy explainers. Digital advertising is a foreign language to most people. Yet, we think that most of us can get the basic concepts.

One of the most successful on-line digital marketing gurus is Neil Patel. His Youtube channel has over 800,000 subscribers. Neil has many helpful videos where he explains the most esoteric bits of digital marketing. Here is one YouTube video where Neil explains the difference between Google and Facebook.