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machfast marketplace business tools

Basic On-Line Business Tools

When you are starting your business, you want to move quickly. On-line business tools can be very helpful. Business is often about communication. We picked three tools that help you communicate.

machfast marketplace BUSINESS TOOLS

Google Workspace: Easy

We all know about Google. You can get a free Gmail account and use Google Docs at no cost. When you are setting up a business, you may consider using Google Workspace.

Google Workspace will help you manage and store your business documents, create business emails and control who can have access to your materials.

machfast marketplace business tools

Zoom: Easy On-Line Conferencing

Zoom really simplified how people can communicate on-line. There are many tools out there and Zoom is one of them. It is easy to use and set up. There are free usage options as well.

Zoom is great to get you going out-of-the-box when you need to do video and audio conferences. Once your company grows, Zoom may become more expensive than alternatives, but you pay for convenience. Zoom is often much better at voice and communication clarity than alternative free solutions. It will get you going fast.

machfast marketplace BUSINESS TOOLS

LawDepot: Legal Docs

Lawyers are expensive. We strongly recommend that all new businesses take legal advise. At the same time, many basic document templates are easily accessible on-line. So you may get a head-start on your legal conversations, and perhaps save some money.

This is where Law Depot comes in. Law Depot has UK-specific legal contract templates that may be quite handy when you are starting a business. Their tools will even customise your documents (with relevant personal and business information etc..).