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Refer a Friend and Get £20 Promotion

Refer a friend to MachFast and get £20 when they register a company. Please read our Terms & Conditions below. There is no limit to the number of people you can share with. Your friends will have to let us know that you have referred them and your friends have to register a company using MachFast mobile application.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions are necessarily a legal agreement. These Terms & Conditions describe the terms of the Refer a Friend Promotion. We tried to write this using plain English so that it is easy to understand. If there is anything that you are not sure about in these Terms & Conditions contact us at startup[at]machfast[dot]com. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Eligible Customers

This offer is available to MachFast customers and other members of the public.

Qualifying Criteria

To receive a £20 credit when you refer a Friend to MachFast, a referred Friend must complete a successful limited company registration using the MachFast mobile application. A successful company registration means that a UK limited company is officially registered in Companies House and has a company registration number. To qualify for the Promotion, your Friend must use the MachFast app, which they downloaded on their phone, to successfully register a UK limited company. Your Friend must download the app, register under his or her own mobile phone number and not use your app to register a company. Your Friend must provide to MachFast via email any information that we require to identify who referred them, such information may include but is not limited to contact emails, phone numbers, first and last name, address.

We may offer unique referral links to enable easier Friend referrals.


You can only benefit from this offer if your Friend successfully registers a new limited company using the MachFast app, and confirms to MachFast that you are the person who referred Friend to MachFast.

After MachFast checks all the information and confirms that your Friend successfully registered a UK limited company using the MachFast application, we will pay you £20 to a UK bank account of your choice within 60 business days of your Friend’s successful company registration.

Other Conditions

We may withdraw the offer at any time without notice. If we do withdraw the offer, you won’t qualify for the payment if you refer a Friend after the offer has been withdrawn.

All company registration applications are subject to Anti-Money Laundering checks and application review by Companies House. Companies House reserves the right to reject company registration applications.

If a Friend who you have referred fails to pass any of the checks or Companies House rejects their application, you will not qualify for the Promotion. reserves the right to refuse payment of referral fees if we suspect fraudulent activitivites.