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What is a company’s Registered Office?

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A registered office is where a limited company is based and receives all official communication via post. All limited companies that are UK registered are required to have a registered address.The company’s registered address is where the company receives its official documents from Companies House, HMRC, banks, insurance companies etc.. The company’s registered address should be a permanent address. Otherwise, your company will not receive critical correspondence.

When you choose your Company’s Registered Address please pick the best place to receive important documents for your company, its Directors and Shareholders. 

Sometimes companies have several addresses where they do their business from. In that case, please choose the address where you are most likely to receive the post. Ideally, you as director and/or your office manager or finance manager should be at that address and be able to respond timely to any correspondence. Warehouses, storage facilities, or premises that your management/director team do not visit regularly are not ideal.

All your letterheads, invoices and receipts should display your registered office address. Most businesses also publish the address on their websites as it is a legal requirement. The benefit of displaying your address on a website is that it is very good for various web listing services to improve their Search Engine Optimisation.

Can my home be a registered office for a company?

Yes, your home can be a registered office for your company. Many businesses in the UK are home based. Please note that Companies House publishes all registered offices on its public register.

Can a company use a PO Box as a registered address?

Companies should not use PO Box as a registered address. Once your limited company is formed, Companies House displays your registered address on the Public Registrar. The reason that PO Box does not work as a registered address is because your company needs to be able to access documents that require signatures and confidential material from the government and government agencies.

A company can not use a PO Box because the company and its directors must reply promptly to HMRC & Companies House notifications. This is particularly important in relation to annual returns and various statutory reporting that your company is required to do. If you and/or your company fail to submit your returns on time both HMRC and Companies House can impose very expensive fines and/or penalties.

Can a company change its Registered Office Address?

Yes. A limited company can change its Registered Office Address. If a company moves to a new address then it can inform Companies House about the new registered office address.

A company can change the Registered Office Address with Companies House by using the AD01 from. You can file AD01 ‘change of registered office address’ with Companies House online or. Companies House does not charge for a change in registered address. Once you file the form the change may take up to two working days.

If a company intends to switch offices quite regularly, it may be a good idea to use a registered office address where you can regularly get your official mail.

You will have to weigh the cost of a registered office and the value for money, but it is a good option for some companies. The majority of modern registered office services are now digital. So you can receive your post via email etc….

Does a company need to display a Registered Company Address?

Yes, in most cases a company needs to display its registered address. Normally, as a registered company, you have to display a sign at your company’s offices.

This does not apply if your business is home based. In that case you don’t need to display your registered company address. Your business will need to display your address at any location where it conducts business. Shops & offices must display the signs.

Does a company need to show its registered address on a website and or stationary?

Yes. A company needs to publish its registered address on a website and on its stationary. This is a legal requirement. The Companies Act 2006 requires every registered company to display the company’s registered office address on its website.

When you design your website, company stationery and other marketing assets please always include the relevant company information. This ensures that you comply with the law, best practice and that your stakeholders (customers, employees, government agencies, owners) are all aware of the basic information about your company.

If your company is VAT registered, then it is a good idea to display your VAT number.

The following information is normally included on the website and your stationary:

  1. The company’s registered number
  2. The company’s registered office address
  3. The company’s place of registration (i.e. England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland)
  4. The company’s limited status. You can write Limited or Ltd. after your company’s name.
  5. Optional: Directors’ name(s) – this is up to you and your company.

Do the company’s trading  and registered addresses have to be the same?

No. Your trading address and your registered addresses may be different. However, every company is legally required to have a registered address in the UK. You must alway comply with the law and publish your registered address on your stationary, websites etc… You also need to inform customers and stakeholders what your registered address is.

For more information, please see our FAQ page.

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